Isle of I    In Postproduction: Scheduled for Release, Spring 2019   Experimental Film HD, Color, Surround Sound, 10:27 mins., 2019 Directed by Jeannette Louie Narrator-Daughter: Tula Simon Music: Seth Simon Sound: Alex Thompson VO Production: Hunter Berk Made in cooperation with The Community of Gapado and Gapado AIR, South Korea   What happens when someone you love disappears to a far away place?  Consciousness infuses a remote island in “Isle of I”. The ocean, clouds and wind form the atmosphere of human thought in an isolated realm. A mother has left a teenager behind to exist in this world which she shares through iPhone images and videos. In the solitude of that teenager’s bedroom, the girl’s longing transforms the island metaphor into an atmospheric reality.
  ALLUSION     Experimental Film  In Development    A cabinet of wonders, a capsule of time, a container of immutable thoughts that occur in a small shifting space where reconfigurations of being continuously churn.
Realm Of An Inner Child
The Land Within
A Careful Resurrection
The Making of Love